Welcome to the future

Selfie and web painting significant because it dominates my digital studio.

Also webs and tensile structures have been a fascination for me since 1958 when as student Guildford College of Art I painted my first murals for “The Spiders Web” a local coffee bar. The owner  a Dutch national was an ‘Outsider’ and was banned entry into the snooty local “Boxers” coffee shop. The Spiders Web the alternative and was the hub for the local ‘beat’ set. I had been on the road like the Kerouac book and was just resuming fine art studies after a two year hiatus playing in jazz joints in and around London.

I later used tensile grid structures in 1970 for the original Fiorucci store in Milan Italy.

This at the time was termed industrial aesthetic with a heavy dose of POP, some say it was one the first in the Post Modern movement.

In 1979 I created a 37 ft diameter geodesic dome for the ‘Festival for Mind Body & Spirit Festival’ in my Canal Street loft aka the Canal Zone. I had also been applying a monorail dry cleaning racking system as a display system for garments at Unique Clothing Warehouse on Broadway in 1978. Cloning the same system for Macy.s and other department stores across the US.

Unique Clothing Warehouse was the downtown Fiorucci and hipper, Fiorucci had opened up on east 59th street. That store was a cloned version the Original Milan Store. A book was published by Rizzolli covering the history of the company and a new franchised store version is being planned by a British company.

In 2001, I started to create shadow box images using reverse perspective ‘the aviarists’ being the first. In the last year from 2016 I have completed vertical versions employing spiral staircases that double as DNA metaphors. The first (shown) is of my partner Diane’s Blue Grass Band the Wild Oats, they have been playing together for more than 20 years, they are in other words ‘like family’. other staircases like the Beat Poet’s Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ and for Trump’s Inauguration ‘Despots’.

All of these have the tensile metal staircase that give the content a weblike DNA binding structure.