William Blake's Vision of Angels Mural -1993

The Guy, painter and muralist with over thirty years international experience, created a mural for the Dulwich Festival 1993 with the help of local school children, adults with learning difficulties and other community volunteers. The creation of the mural aimed to unite all the local Dulwich community and to provide a showcase for local talent.

"The only memorial to Blake in London at present is a mural by the painter The Guy, a supporter of Heath's project (the House of William Blake). As a child, Blake had a vision of angels playing in the branches of a tree on Peckham Rye with an Arcadian sunset bursting behind them. The Guy was commissioned by the organiser of last year's Dulwich Festival to create a mural on the side of a Peckham house based on the vision."
"Blake developed a universal language, one which multi-media artists can understand", The Guy says. "He could be the start of a spiritual revival among artists. He is a revolutionary spirit, and that's what we want to capture".

"William Blake's Vision of Angels", interpreted by The Guy, is being painted on a wall behind the playground at Goose Green, SE 15 at the junction of East Dulwich Road and Adys Road. Behind the brushes: children from 12 local schools, adults with learning difficulties and members of the community."