Fiorucci - 1973

The Partnership between Alan Fuller and The Guy was formed in 1970. At this time some of the main influences were Duchamp, Magritte and Oldenburgh: they were adapting the severe American Pop, and translating it into a more whimsical European direction equivalent.

At this stage they were approached by the Milanese fashion company Fiorocci who asked them to create a positive identity for the store interior and graphics. Fiorocci's general feeling for fashion was very progressive at this time. He was responsible for introducing many top international fashion designers to Italy, which included Ossie Clark, Emmanuelle Khan, Betsy Johnson and Jim O'Connor of Mr Freedom. A completely flexible store system was required, in which areas could be formed at short notice with the minimum of disruption to trading and expense. This was achieved by a one metre square tubular grid system, forming a suspended ceiling to which hanging rails, partitions, and changing rooms could be achieved at will: in conjunction with this interchangeable cut-out graphic panels, using simple bold motifs to locate and identify different selling areas. Air conditioning trunking was left exposed and it's form emphasised by the use of primary colours. The related use of colour and music throughout the store creates an excellent atmosphere.