Video and Transcript of The Guy's (aka Stan Peskett) Big Party in the Canal Zone
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recently recovered incomplete video below Jean Michel Basquiat's firt time off the street mentored by Stan Peskett   

Jean-Michel Basquiat (left) aka "Samo" with "Wordman" aka Michael Holman (right) working in Stan Peskett's "Canal Zone" 29th April 1979.

of the
Canal Zone Video
New York, 29 April 1979
shot at the Canal Zone, 533 Canal Street, New York City

Michael Holman (to camera): "Hey are you lost?
Let me tell you, I have a Word for people who are lost, it is the Canal Zone and it's
happening here and now I f you're lost, you can find yourself right here and now,
in the Canal Zone.

Listen, don't take it from anyone else but me, and you know who I am,
I'm WORDMAN, and let me tell
you, I've got a word for you. I've got a word, and it's .. . coming on me,
I can feel it (sighs and groans
to camera) it's a word, and the word is Z-RATED"

CAMERA Shot of a man pinning up
a poster with the following:

Video Credits:
The Guy (aka Stan Peskett)
Michael Holman
George Parker
present the first Graffiti Event
in New York in the Seventies

Lee Quinonnes spray can painting: large graffiti piece entitled
Camera to Michael Holman taking off his jacket revealing
a silver suit underneath.
The Guy (aka Stan Peskett) seen spray painting on to the back of Michael Holman's suit:

Holman turns to face camera, smiling:"This is Mr Wordman here,
and I'm just really glad that you're able to come down here tonight. Listen I've got
so many things that I want to talk to you about, because I'm the Wordman, and
I've got more words, more than, (turns to left and smiles; turns again to camera)...
matter of fact, I've got a word right now for you. The word is M. Why don't you
come on over with me, right now, I want to introduce you to somebody.
(turns to the left and walks towards someone smiling. Roanne Rogers comes into frame)
This is Miss M."

"What are you doing down at the Canal Zone tonight? Go on, go on...!"

Roanne Rogers aka Miss M:
"I am everywhere, in everything, I'm absolutely everywhere."

Holman: "You're just so beautiful Miss M.
What do you do, just what is it that you do?"

Roanne Rogers aka Miss M: " I'm in everything.
I'm every smile, I 'm every kiss, I'm every arse."

Holman: "What do you think of the Z-Zone?"

Roanne Rogers aka Miss M: "Canal Zone"

Holman: "Is that the new place, is that what's happening now?"

Roanne Rogers aka Miss M: "That's it!"

Holman: "That's it. That's the new word. You heard it, straight from Miss M."

Camera cuts to three people including Fab Five Freddy.

Roanne Rogers aka Miss M: "I would also like to introduce ...
RUDOLPH. Rudolph is ..., well he can tell you about himself."

Camera brings Rudolph into frame.

Rudolph: Well tonight, I'm having a wonderful party,
enjoying myself, dancing and freaking out, and lots of nonsense and
all the lunacies of day to day life."

Roanne Rogers aka Miss M (laughs to camera)
"Well that's the Canal Zone philosophy." (turns her back to camera,
then turns to face it again)
"Regine, Regine. What are you doing here with the Canal Zone?"

Regine in picture with Miss M: ""I'm just having a
wonderful time, because it's new energy to me, and it's something we need right now"

Roanne Rogers aka Miss M: "Absolutely"

Camera shows Rudolph on the left, Miss M. centre,
Regine to right. Music & dancing. All music by the Tubes

Glen O'Brien is shown in the background turning to face camera and lighting a cigarette
smoking. Turns with his back to camera. Rudolph and Regine still in view.

Michael Holman in frame with Fab Five Freddy wearing a hat and glasses.

Holman: "Here s someone else. He just popped in.
W Well what s your name? (turns to back right to Fab Five Freddy and says
I'll see you later just go and have a good time OK, Fab Five replies: Sure Great. )
Holman turns to the right and says: What was you name again?"
The Guy (aka Stan Peskett) facing Holman (both In shot)

Holman: "The Guy (aka Stan Peskett) Ladies & Gentlemen the
renowned English artist from England. Are you from England?"

The Guy (aka Stan Peskett) : "From London. OK.
(shot shows an unnamed man in background between Holman and Peskett)
This guy is too much right he is another man of words and he s got a little
something that he wants to show you also. He s got a little creation you just
wouldn't believe it Ladies and Gentlemen I sometimes feel that I get all my
inspiration from this guy. Take a look..."

In background Jennifer Stein is talking to a young man.
Camera then pans to The Guys (aka Stan Peskett) hand painted T-shirt.

Holman: " I think it s Canal Zone"
The Guy (aka Stan Peskett) : "Canal Zone. The idea of Canal Zone is to
try to develop an alternative media space where everybody where words images
and everything can just interact. So this is ... this is... I think Michael s giving
it in a nutshell and I think (Roanne Rogers aka Miss M comes into frame)
Roanne is really is more than a nutshell.
(Holman The Guy (aka Stan Peskett) and Rogers are laughing) You heard... Lady.. (The Guy (aka Stan Peskett) laughs)
Holman: " You heard it. Sir ..."

Camera cuts from Holman to JEAN-MICHAEL BASQUIAT
spraying some graffiti onto a canvas which is on a wall.
(This is the first piece of performance art that Jean-Michel Basquiat did in public.
Prior to this moment he was an anonymous enigmatic graffiti artist painting
on the streets of New York).
Jean-Michel writes:

Harvey Oswald
Coca Cola Logo
General Melonry

Michael Holman and Jean-Michel Basquiat are in frame. Holman to camera: "You just saw Lee and
you just saw his work. Is it incredibly or what? If you walk around
Manhattan and sometimes you come across a phone booth with spray everywhere
or you come across a wall that says "Hippies and Moonies are sponsored by
the Iranian Government." Let me tell you something there s something else going
on around town and I've been seeing it a lot and you can see it also too its its its....
(points microphone to Jean-Mlchel Basquiat encouraging him to speak)"

Jean-Michel Basquiat: "SAMO"

Holman: "SAMO. S-A-M-O. Come on you ve seen it on the walls everywhere.
Especially on the buildings.
This gentleman is SAMO.
Would you like to say a word?."
Camera to Jean-Michel Basquiat:. "SAMO (close up of Jean-Michel and his hand-painted T-shirt.
As camera goes Into a close-up of T-Shirt which says
GUMBY IS BAD he keeps repeating SAMO slowly) S-A-M-O. :

Holman in frame. Lee Quinonnes walks by. Holman says: This gentleman Lee
what do you have to say? (Lee smile at Michael Holman and to camera. Remains silent)
He is actually going to perform a graffiti act right here
on the wall and I just want you to see it.
Are you ready Lee are you ready? (points microphone to Lee)

Lee: "Yes I m ready."

Holman: "He's moving now in and out in a red circular fashion. He s honestly the
best his moves are smooth notice that Ladies and Gentlemen that smooth ....
I wish we could do an instant replay look at those moves....
Iook at the moves. Ladies and Gentlemen you've seen it
here you ve seen it at the Canal Zone you ve seen it here. "

Camera shows Lee painting. Music playing
Camera now brings Candy Dill (Paul Ambrose) Into frame.

S/he Is talking to Lee: Can you tell us how you started doing all of this?

Lee: "Well like I was saying in the early 70 s
everyone was getting into graffiti and even girls were doing it on the street.
It was just something like new that came out like dancing....


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