From left to right:
The Tubes; Praire Prince & Re, Mike Cotton and one of their dancers, Michael Holman

The Guy


 (above Polaroids, left to right)
Sil Sylvain (New York Dolls) Malcom McLaren and The Guy First DownTown New York Loft.
This was a gathering place for Malcolm McLaren, New York Dolls and The Tubes (White Punks on Dope!)

Larry Durham, with lover Louise Weingarden composer and architect.

Inside of a Geodesic Dome, Ancient British Earth Mysteries for
"Mind Body Spirit Festival" (destroyed in fire)

After having the Canal Zone torched in 1979, The Guy replicated the
Canal Zone with columns and fragments from the charred Geodesic Dome,
which had housed the Ancient British Earth Mysteries

Guillaume Gallozzi's Gallery 1981

The Bronx Zoo Spring Event, 1981

Left: The Guy modelling Fisherman's Dream Theme leisure/work wear.
right: The Guy as Mike Beleive doing Decoy Duck with Roanne Rogers modelling Fishing theme outfit.

Grand Central Station: Chorius at Dawn 1988

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Fiorucci - 1973
the guy asks - why was this picture banned?
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Tableau Vivant: American Mermaid
Interior Design article: 1980
William Blake's Vision of Angels Mural -1993
Detail from Deptford Mural - 1996
Model of Peckham Hill Street Library Murals - 1996
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