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Extract from Interview with Fab Five Freddy by Ingrid Sischy in Interview
Magazine This interview was an account of the early years of Jean Michel-Basquiat
for Interview Magazine and formed part of the Catalogue for the Basquiat Exhibition
at the Serpentine Gallery, London, England in 1996.

Ingrid Sischy: "When did you meet him (Jean-Michel Basquiat)? Fab Five Freddy:
"The guy throwing the party was trying to start his own plantation of
downtown creative culture.... and the guy who was throwing the party
was like... the guy who was organising the whole scam which he was
calling the Canal Zone .... me and Lee were painting at the studio of this guy
who gave the big party,..."

The Guy on 29 April 1979 with George Parker and others videod the first and last SAMO
Graffiti Performance
at an event that fired up the New York Art Scene at the Canal Zone.


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